How to avoid getting hosed when buying Carolina insurance

A lot of people are concerned about being taken for a ride when purchasing Carolina insurance, and honestly it’s really not that difficult to understand why.

It’s not at all uncommon to hear nightmare stories about people that were taken advantage of by their Carolina insurance company, ended up with cut rate insurance that took their money but didn’t offer coverage, and left them completely unprotected when they needed help the most.

Thankfully, not all Carolina insurance companies operate that way. In fact, the overwhelming majority of insurance companies out there are more than happy to help in any way that they can – and here’s how to make sure that you end up with them and not be shady fly-by-night operations looking to take advantage of you.

Outline your expectations in advance

The very first thing you’re going to want to do (even before you even think about researching Carolina insurance companies) is outline your insurance expectations to as fine a degree as possible.

You are going to really want to try and figure out EXACTLY what you’re looking to get out of your insurance policy, EXACTLY the kind of coverage that you would be happy with, and EXACTLY the amount of money that you’re willing to spend to get that insurance.

Now, you might not be able to hit each and every one of your key criteria at the price point that you’re looking for. But when you outline your expectations like this, you’ll know where you can make compromises without crippling your Carolina insurance policy in the process.

Negotiate using every piece of leverage that you have

Secondly, you have to realize that negotiation is the name of the game when you are dealing with any insurance company.

They expect you to negotiate for better prices, which is why you have to throw a counter offer back at them when they quote you for your Carolina insurance. This is expected, this is anticipated, and this is how the game is played.

They make an awful lot of money on people that just accept the first quoted price as gospel, but there’s absolutely no reason for you to have to pay that price if it’s not something that you’re willing to do.

Maximize your leverage by bringing competing quotes to their attention, telling them that you’ll bring your insurance (all of your insurance) under one roof, and using any other negotiation tactics you can to get the best possible deal.