High Rankings In Google – 4 Major Benefits You Should Know

Many people know it’s rewarding to get high rankings in Google. Most of them will think that achieving top spots in Google would mean having a great opportunity to earn money online and getting an additional income stream. Well, it’s true. This is why the subject of getting coveted high rankings in Google is so much talked and researched about. It’s definitely a passionate topic as well. But the benefits of getting high rankings in Google do not only resume to income. Although income is your primary goal, there are many other benefits that you should think about when considering your goal of getting a top google search engine ranking. Keeping these in mind can be used as a motivation and desire to succeed. Here are 4 major benefits you should know.

Passive Traffic

A high ranking in Google would mean passive traffic which means traffic coming to your website without you doing anything. The intial work and efforts you’ve put in your website are now starting to pay off. The traffic will come everyday and last for years and years. This is why this kind of traffic is so important for an internet business. Passive traffic can also come from joint ventures and affiliates promoting your product. Getting passive traffic should be one of your marketing goals for your business.

Auto-Pilot Income

Thanks to passive traffic, you can have an internet business running on auto-pilot 24/7 meaning it can generate revenue automatically without you doing anything. Imagine having your personal online store working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you lifting a finger. The best part is you can be eating, sleeping, having fun, on holidays somewhere, spending more time with friends and family while your business is still working and generating income for you nonstop. This type of business model allows you to have more free time for yourself and to do things you really enjoy in life. You can also take some time off or vacations whenever you want to. The great thing is you can even control and manage your business anywhere in the world provided you have access to the internet.


Having high rankings in Google offers you the golden opportunity for ultimate success. Top rankings equal to lots of targeted traffic which result in more profitable websites because without traffic, no internet business can survive. As a result, you can consider becoming self-employed and concentrate on your online business ventures full time now. What this means is you have the chance to quit your daily routine job and the 9-5 rat race as we call it. It’s time to say farewell to your demanding boss and the hectic stressing working lifestyle. Becoming self-employed in the online business world allows you to have more freedom and you can work at your own pace. Well you can simply set your own working schedule and you don’t necessarily need to work for 8-10 long hours like with your daily commute. Most successful business owners who get tons of traffic from search engines like Google can work only 1-3 hours everyday from Monday to Friday. You don’t need to wake up very early if you don’t want to like if you had a routine job. You don’t need the alarm clock anymore and battling through tense and stressing road traffic everyday is a thing of the past. Your office is only a few steps from your bedroom and saving on gas doesn’t get any better than this.

Financial Prosperity

Now that you have a successful online business, you can expect to prosper faster in life financially speaking. Your routine job and measly salary might not have been what you need to move fast in life moneywise. Heck on my part, I used to have a boring routine job before and I’ve worked 4 years there but it wasn’t rewarding at all. Even with focus on savings, I’ve made peanuts. With my online ventures, I made 10 times more and in the same amount of time. The best part is I don’t need to be a slave to my business like having to put my presence everyday as compared to my routine job but yet, still manage to generate 10 times more revenue without much effort and completely on auto-pilot. The only major effort you need is when you’re getting started. As in everything in life, getting started is the initial obstacle but once you’re through it, things can become better.

So here you are with these 4 benefits of getting high rankings in Google. If you have an internet business and not taking advantage of the best search engine in the world, you’re missing out a lot. So take action today and start working on your websites because the sooner you start, the faster you’ll see results. And trust me, I was there and I know what am talking about.

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