How To Get Search Engine Traffic Faster – 3 Easy Strategies

It’s no secret that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can drive valuable traffic to your website. The main problem is it takes time to get search engine traffic if your goal is to rank for your primary keyword in the top 10 of search engines. As a result of this ranking, you’ll have a flow of consistent traffic. But it would take several months to achieve a top spot and are you willing to wait that much and do nothing else? After optimizing your website and doing some link building, your efforts will start to pay off much later but this does not mean you can’t enjoy search engine traffic at all. You can still profit from search engines in spite of that. Here are 3 easy strategies to get search engine traffic faster.

Long Tail Keywords

Your primary keyword is of course your main objective but you can also easily tap on less important keyword phrases. Am talking about phrases which you can get top rankings easily as they don’t have many competition and searches. These are known as longtail keyword phrases.

Long tail keywords can be keywords with 4-5 words or more. Imagine if you have several dozens of those, this can start bringing traffic to your website. Once your website starts getting its backlinks indexed and counted, you have already built a solid link foundation. Although your website might not be ranking for your primary keyword yet like you wished, your link popularity can be strong enough and articles that you’ll be adding with long tail keywords can easily get search engine traffic. But sometimes, you can already have a few backlinks and got your pages indexed and even though those backlinks haven’t been indexed and counted yet, you can enjoy some traffic from long tail keywords.

Depending on how often your website gets crawled, your article can be indexed in a matter of hours. I got two articles on one of my sites indexed in several hours and they have already started to rank for long tail keyword phrases. Although the traffic isn’t much, it shows you the potential. More pages of long tail keywords would automatically mean more potential traffic for you. And this type of traffic can be highly targeted as the user has specifically enter such a long phrase so if your page is relevant, you can get a higher conversion.

Article Marketing

Another method to get search engine traffic is to use other websites. For instance, articles on high quality article directories tend to rank high due to the huge link popularity of these directories. Your goal is to submit several high quality original articles to them and hope these articles rank high and get some traffic. When your articles get traffic, your author bio in your resource box will have to do its job to get the clicks. So it’s important to craft a great resource box to entice visitors to click on your website. I mentioned original content because original content will do much better than reprint articles. If you don’t want or can’t write your own articles, you can hire ghost writers to do this job for you. It’s important to create compelling content that people would want to read till the end, hence increasing chances in getting clicks in your bio. No need to create too long articles, a 400-600 word range should be enough usually.

Digg Marketing

Learn how to market via web 2.0 and learn about social media. Digg is one of them and it’s very popular. You can submit stories, news, articles there. Here is what you do. Submit an eye catching content title, a few lines of compelling description about it and the url to the whole content. The difference with the article marketing strategy is you don’t need to send the whole article but just the link pointing to it. After your submission, your article will have its own page containing the title and short description. Digg is an authority website and having your content title and description indexed there is highly beneficial. Same strategy as with article marketing, you would expect to get high rankings for your Digg pages and get people to click on your url to read more and most will do as they want to learn more. So if you have several interesting news, stories or articles, be sure to submit them to Digg.

As you can see, you don’t need to wait months and months to start benefiting from search engine traffic either directly or indirectly. Don’t just focus on only optimizing your website and doing link building to get that coveted top ranking for your major keyword. There are other strategies that you can use in the meantime to get search engine traffic. Try these tips and start driving some visitors to your website today. Good luck.

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