What Can You Learn From Gordon Ramsay As An Internet Marketer?

I am not much into tv reality shows but one show which caught my attention was the popular “Kitchen Nightmares” with Gordon Ramsay featuring in it. Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity British chef, highly successful, skillful and talented and owns several restaurants. Some of his top restaurants are located in London and Los Angeles. Awarded 12 Michelin stars, he is one of the best chefs in the world specializing in french, english and italian cuisine. He has written numerous cook books and his other tv reality show “Hell’s Kitchen” was a success as well. “Hell’s Kitchen” is a culinary tournament whereby several aspiring chefs will face a number of challenges. As the show progresses, some will take the exit door till there will be only 1 left and the latter will be the winner and will become head chef at the Araxi restaurant in Whistler, Canada which has been named the best restaurant in Canada for the past nine years.

Lately I’ve been watching “Kitchen Nightmares” and in this show, Ramsay will try to rescue failing restaurants and his objective is to put them back on track for success. He will try to analyze what is wrong like food quality, menu, hygiene, price, service, self-improvement and even the restaurant name and decors. What I gain from it is from an Internet marketing perspective and I believe there is something valuable that any Internet marketer or aspiring one can learn from it. If you have an existing internet business which isn’t performing as it should and you aren’t getting sales or new customers, applying some of Gordon Ramsay’s business principles can be beneficial for your online ventures.

As I was watching the show, I can understand why he is so successful. Some of his traits made him what he is today. Even though the guy is loud-mouth, disrespectful and intimidating at times notably in “Hell’s Kitchen” and can be considered a bit exaggerated at times, I do believe that some people who have worked hard and undergone great difficulties to obtain what they want sometimes become tough and tend to focus on details and perfection. This is why you’ll notice if you’ve watched “Hell’s Kitchen” that you can get scolded when you didn’t do the job right. Actually his methods are harsh but the end result is he wants to make the aspiring chef better and better and don’t take anything for granted. For instance, if you were to make a dish with a piece of chicken partially cooked, you have to correct your mistake immediately and don’t repeat that same mistake again. How many times as an Internet marketer have you made mistakes? The thing is to look forward immediately, forget about the past but learn from your mistakes and do it right next time. Just move on. Some people sometimes don’t learn and do the same mistake, no wonder why Gordon Ramsay gets crazy and mad at them. But if you do your job right, you’ll get congratulated and praised. Gordon Ramsay recognized the value of hard and smart work and will encourage and motivate you as well.

Gordon Ramsay has a winning mindset and doesn’t do anything and expect it to work just like that. He knows that success comes with a price. I found some of the episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares” truly inspiring for an entrepreneur. Having more passion and drive in what you’re doing is the key ingredient to make your business work because this will result in making improvements and not just sitting, being idle and slacking off. That would mean pure hard work and taking action. Keep things as simple as you can and focus on your customer. Be honest with them and give them things that you would have liked to get yourself.

For instance, that part of “Kitchen Nightmares” was interesting. A guy was selling imported frozen seafood from Canada and farm raised frozen sea bass from Greece in his meals. Not only the dishes weren’t good but they were expensive. No wonder why his business was failing and in huge debts. Gordon Ramsay introduces the concept of local fresh produce in his menus. Why not give people local fresh food instead of all those imported frozen stuff. Ramsay took action and incorporate fresh fish in the menu and reduce the exhorbitant price of the meals. The dishes that would be sold mostly would be simple fish and chips. Since then, the restaurant has been flocking with customers. The lesson to learn here is keep things simple. Simplicity works and sells. Why look for things elsewhere when you can have your own local fresh produce a few steps away. Am impressed how simple changes made in the working system of these restaurants made huge differences for profitability and this can also be applied to Internet marketing and your online businesses. For instance, why create a complicated website and why trying to learn and do too many things at once. Keep things simple. Just master the basics and focus. Don’t run when you can’t even walk.