California Insurance: Classes of Insurance

Insurance in general is a complicated and multifaceted business. There are many twists and turns and rules and regulations that are difficult to navigate. If you are currently looking to purchase California insurance, whether this is car insurance, home insurance, health insurance or any other insurance, then it would definitely be of benefit to you to have some understanding of the classes in California insurance.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is often included with a home insurance policy from companies like, however it can also be an independent policy. The protection that fire insurance offers includes insurance against loss by fire, lightning, windstorm, tornado and earthquakes. The reason that fire insurance may be purchased separate to home insurance is because fire insurance will provide protection for many more items of personal property. For example, accounts, books, manuscripts and other valuable papers will all be included under the coverage. Other items such as money and coins will also be included. However, if these is any fraudulent activity on the behalf of the policyholder or associates then the policy may be terminated with immediate effect and all protection ceased.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance works in a similar way to life insurance but is paid out in response to disability rather than in response to death. If the policyholder suffers an injury or disease that leaves them physically or mentally disabled then the disability insurance will offer them some financial protection.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is included as basic in most other insurance policies such as car and home insurance. The aim of this insurance is to provide financial protection when the policyholder has been found at fault for the personal injury of another, or the destruction of another’s property. This can include traffic accidents, accidents at works, slips, trips and falls and also being hit by falling objects and other similar situations.

Burglary Insurance

In many cases protection from theft is not actually included in standard home insurance policies and many people will choose to take out burglary insurance as an extra precaution. Burglary insurance will protect the policyholder from losses incurred as a result of theft, including all manner of personal possessions, such as expensive items and sentimental items. However, this coverage does not extend to personal property while in transit. For example, if your removal van is broken into, or you are sending items via courier.