About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jean Lam and am the webmaster of ZineGuru.com and author of Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed. I have a passion for Internet marketing and some of the topics that I like include search engine optimization(SEO), affiliate marketing, information products, article marketing, link building, guest blogging and how to make money online.

My fascination for SEO started way back in 2003 and optimizing websites to generate passive traffic from the major search engines was among one of my main website marketing strategies. I like updating myself on what’s happening in the SEO world by going to WebmasterWorld as well as reading information products to educate myself.

My path to success with online marketing hasn’t been an easier one initially. As with most newbies starting out, I didn’t have much guidance. The only person I can rely on was me. But I didn’t give up. I made a lot of research on Internet marketing and how to start an online business effectively. This was a real challenge for me but I was fascinated by the Internet Lifestyle which can give more flexibility, fun and financial freedom.

I still remember about purchasing an eBook called “Ezine Writer” by Michael Southon. That was quite a long time ago now. This was one of the best purchases I made at that time when ezines were popular. I had it printed out and binded. This guide got me started in article marketing as well as building an ezine. It was the foundation of my online business and this is how I started getting involved in affiliate marketing as well. Affiliate marketing is among one of the easiest ways to make money online as you don’t need a product to sell. You just recommend other people’s products and get a commission when a sale is made. This can be a lucrative business model.

One of the first affiliate programs I came across was Corey Rudl’s Internet Marketing Center. Corey Rudl was a pioneer in Internet marketing but unfortunately he passed away in a tragic car accident. I enjoyed reading his newsletters at that time as well as recommending his products through ezine marketing and SEO.

Having amassed a wealth of knowledge during my learning curve particularly in SEO and website marketing, I just thought that this information can be worth a lot for all those getting started as they can bypass trial and error. This is how I got the idea of creating my first information product called Top Search Engine Ranking Secrets In Google Revealed and I was among the first few to launch an SEO Guide. This course has helped many individuals as well as businesses get a better grasp of SEO as well as generating more traffic through search engines and other strategies. One of the great things about it is I’ve been constantly updating it with new SEO techniques, so it’s not outdated.

Apart Internet marketing, I enjoy indulging in some of my favorite hobbies like swimming, exercising, going to the gym, jogging, playing chess and watching a good movie.

To Your Success,
Jean Lam